Naples is a wonderful place to live whether you are a homeowner or a short-term or long-term tenant. There are various nuances to become familiar with if you are planning to rent in Naples.

If you are renting for 6 months or less, there is an 11% tourist tax that most landlords require the tenant to pay.

The Naples Area Board of Realtors (NABOR) allows properties currently not available that may be available to rent in the future to be listed on the local MLS. This can create a tremendous amount of confusion because the third party websites such as Zillow, Realtor, Yahoo, and many others may not have a field that shows which months are actually available.

Many communities are governed by Homeowners Associations (HOAs). These HOAs may have additional restrictions for tenants within the community. A majority of HOAs do NOT allow tenants to have pets, especially dogs regardless of breed or size. It doesn't even matter if the owner of the property would approve a pet, the HOA may not allow it. You may drive through a community and see residents walking dogs and think the community is "pet friendly". It may be for owners but not for tenants.

The HOA will have an application process which will require a third-party background check. Many HOAs are not doing the background check anymore and requiring the homeowner or tenant to perform this and submit this background check with the application. This is because the state of Florida put a maximum amount of fees a property management company can charge on a new homeowner or lease application. This cap does not allow the property management company to charge more than $100 per applicant. If a property management company is maxed at $100 per applicant, their revenue is diminished when they are paying for the background check.

For more information regarding Florida HOA Laws, you can read more here -

Florida Laws and Regulations Regarding HOAs and Condo Associations

Deposits and Fees - There may be more than one application fee - HOA, Homeowner, Property Management Company, Departure or Cleaning, Pet Deposit. If it is a large community and the property is in a subdivision, there may be a Master HOA fee and a subdivision HOA fee. It is somewhat customary that the first, last, and security deposit are to be paid upfront.

What to Expect:

First Month Rent +Last Mont Rent + Security Deposit + HOA Fee + HOA Fee + Background Check + Cleaning Departure Fee