Naples is a wonderful place to live whether you are a homeowner or a short-term or long-term tenant. There are various nuances to become familiar with if you are planning to rent in Naples.

Rental Options:

  • Apartments
  • AirBNB
  • Short-term rentals (less than 6 months)
  • Long-term rentals (6 months or more)

Short-term - Rentals that are 6 months or less have a transient rental tax (tourist tax). The tourist tax is 11% where 6% goes to the state of Florida and a 5% tourist tax to Collier County.  In most cases, this tax is in addition to the listed rental amount.

Long-term - Rentals that are 7 months or longer are considered long-term rentals.  Most long-term rentals require the following upfront:

  • HOA Application Fee (if applicable)
  • First Month Rent
  • Last Month Rent
  • Security Deposit (One month rent)
  • Pet Deposit
  • Cleaning Departure Fee

If the property is governed by an HOA (Homeowner's Association), there will be an application that has to be approved before residency can begin. Most HOA's require 2-4 weeks of lead time to process the application.  One of the reasons it takes this long is the HOA  sends the background and credit check to a third party.  This third party is performing background checks for many HOA's throughout the state of Florida.

If there are 2 adult applicants, there will be 2 background checks required and 2 application fees.

Rentals and pets - Many HOA's simply do not allow renters to have pets.  You may drive through a community and see someone walking a dog and think that community is dog-friendly.  Chances are that was an owner walking the dog.

Rental Listings -

NABOR (Naples Area Board of Realtors allows rental properties to continue to be marketed if there is any future availability. A property may already be rented for the next year, but it may be online for the following year.  This creates confusion as there will appear to be many places available for rent but the actual availability may be for summer months or only one month in the winter.

For more information regarding Florida HOA Laws, you can read more here -

Florida Laws and Regulations Regarding HOAs and Condo Associations