Selling Your Property

There are books (House Selling for Dummies), endless articles and blogs, a zillion opinions, and other publications with tips and advice to sell a property.

The most fundamental and probably obvious factors are:  Supply | Demand and Price. There is a buyer for every house but at what price is what the "market" will determine.

  • Who is your market?
  • What is absorption rate?
  • Relevant Real Estate Statistics
  • What happens when a property is listed
  • Market conditions that are completely out of your control

***There is a caveat to everything below. Below are ideas, suggestions, and opinions in a normal housing market. When there is a very strong seller's market, buyers may not be as discerning and some of this may not apply***

First Impression - Sounds cliche, but you want to make great first impression! Most buyers will see your home online before they set foot in the house. You want taht first impression to exceed what they saw online. Potential buyers could be coming to your home with a predetermined decision of 'yes' they are expecting to like your home or 'no' and they are expecting rule it out or they have a 'maybe' and want to see "just in case". If the house falls short of their expectations, they may move on. A first impression can make or break a sale!

Clean the entire property! Either deep clean the property yourself or hire a cleaning company. It is recommended to professionally clean the carpets, wipe all baseboards and walls, and clean the kitchen and bathrooms thoroughly. Dispose any old rugs and make the easy repairs!

Declutter and tidy up! A cluttered home can give the impression of inadequate usable space. Large, bulky furniture can make a room look smaller than it is. If you are not taking that furniture with you, remove the large furniture to allow for the actual room size to be realized. An unorganized house may give the impression a home is not being properly cared for.

Depersonalize your home. Family photos and too many personal items may turn off buyers as they may not be able to envision it as their home. Human beings are judgemental people and they may think you are going to be an easy seller or a difficult seller based on photos.

Light and bright is what buyers are looking for in the sunshine state! Make sure all lights are working. Keep your lanai accessible and inviting. Every buyer I have ever worked with has always put the lanai into the equation as they want to spend time outside to start with their morning coffee, read, relax, enjoy the pool, or grill and catch sunsets in the afternoon.


  • Fix loose door handles
  • Ensure all doors close and lock properly
  • Address sliding glass doors if they do not slide properly
  • Deep clean property
  • Touch up paint
  • Tidy up everything as much as possible
  • Clean up yard


  • Current HOA Dues Amount (for HOA Disclosure)
  • CDD Tax amount and balance (if applicable)
  • Condos –
    • Condo Docs (your HOA or property management company can provide all)
      • Declaration of Condominium
      • By-Laws
      • Articles of Incorporation,
      • Most recent year-end financials
      • FAQ or QA
      • Rules and Regulations
    • Contact for your HOA and/or property management company
    • Prior Title Policy (you save on closing costs if you provide prior title)
    • Survey (if house or villa)
    • Mortgage Statement (for the closing attorney or title company)
    • Extra set of keys (for the lockbox)